Catering Wedding Venues

The Best Creative Catering Menus

Whether you want to cater your next dinner or party yourself or you go ahead and hire a caterer, creative catering menus are what you should be looking for. Whether it is about catering a sit down dinner for eight people or a party for twenty, innovative catering will make the difference between a good event where people will be satisfied with the food choices to a great event for everyone is talking about how wonderful the food was.

Creative Catering Menus

Obviously presentation plays a huge role in creative catering menus – tiny bite sized appetizers served on eye catching spoons will be a hit over a tray of rice balls and sauce being handed around. In fact appetizers set the scene for the rest of the meal so a lot of thought and flair should be given to them. They should usually be in a small enough portion that the whole appetizer can be consumed in one go – sort of the same scenario as one piece of a sushi roll.

At a sit down dinner, for example, the appetizer could be a small amount of very delicious soup served in an espresso cup, with a small piece of baked bread on the side if desired. Appetizers are meant to tempt your taste buds which are why less is better but the quality and taste should be no less than great. The main course should also be something eye catching. A good source of protein with freshly steamed vegetables that are not overcooked will be very acceptable.

A starch such as potatoes can be added but that too should make a statement – think scalloped potatoes or small fingerling potatoes drenched in butter and parsley. A salad can be served as well but this should come in its own dish which makes it easier for serving. The desert marks the end of an extraordinary meal. Here a small cup of crème brulee or a small portion of any desert, think tiramisu or apple crumble with cream.

It should come in a neat package on the desert plate and here again presentation is key. Accompanied by a few swirls of cream on the plate of a small bunch of berries will make the desert look spectacular. This is just one example of creative catering menus that will make your guests want to come again!

Unfortunately, there are only few creative caterers out there. We’ve listed some of the most creative ones from several states in the US:

Once You Found Your Perfect Caterer It’s a Time to Find a Perfect Wedding Venue

When planning an event, you want to find the perfect place. This is especially true when it comes to a wedding. You want your special day to be memorable as well as functional. There are many options when it comes to wedding and reception venues. The following information will help you find the perfect location for your special day.

Your budget will dictate the location of your wedding; however, don’t automatically assume you cannot afford a banquet hall. Some of the most amazing banquet halls can be affordable if you choose to host your wedding on a Sunday or a day during the week.

Another option is to choose an inexpensive banquet hall and decorate to transform it into a lavish event. With the appropriate planning, you can turn a dull banquet hall into a wedding wonderland. For an instant lavish reception, decorate each table with a vase filled with calla lilies.

There are many options when it comes to the location of your wedding and reception. Brides today are choosing wedding venues that are outside the box. Whether you are hosting a lavish wedding or a small intimate event, a banquet hall may be the perfect option.

Unfortunately, there are only few amazing wedding venues out there. We’ve listed some of the top ones from several states in the US:


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