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Unique Wedding Treats

dessertBuffet dessert is becoming popular. Gone are those days when you only serve cake as your wedding dessert. In today’s generation there are lots of alternative desserts that can be served for your guests. Aside from the main buffet, sweet treats can make the wedding party memorable.  These alternative desserts are also ideal if you have kids in the party.

There are lots of benefits that you can get from buffet dessert. One of the best reasons is that it is cheaper than a wedding cake. Though you can still have a wedding cake but you don’t need to get a huge cake to have dessert. Guests can actually mix and match the desserts which fun. it gives them a lot of varieties to chose from. This article will give you some of the most common alternative desserts that are cost effective. This is suitable to any type of wedding or events.

Below are some of our favorite sweet treats:

Waffle Sundaes

Who don’t love waffle and sundae? Combining these two desserts will make your wedding memorable. You can serve bite size waffle in small plates and let the guests choose their favorite ice cream flavor and toppings. Have a waffle a la mode for your wedding desserts. This is also perfect for summer wedding.


Donuts are very popular no matter where you go. This can be serve in the wedding. Arrange the donuts according to their flavor in a huge decorated tray. You can also use cupcake stand to have a donut tower. This unconventional dessert will make your guests very happy. For a more formal wedding, you can have the classic donut that are honey-glazed. There are a lot of ideas to prepare the donut. You can also slice them in half and put an ice cream filling. You can also match this donuts with munchkin donuts. This dessert is also ideal if you will be having a morning wedding.


Parfait is a kind of frozen dessert. They’ve been around since 1894. Perfect for summer wedding. This irresistible treat can be made of fruit and yogurt. To make this dessert more exciting you can set a fruit and yogurt bar. The guests can create their own parfait. Your guests will surely love this because they will be having a chance to mingle with other guests that they don’t know.

Milk and Cookies

This classic treat will never go out of style. Use printed glass for the milk, you can put your initial on it. This is not just a dessert this can also serve as snack. The glass can be serve as favor.

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