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DIY 1st Dance Tips for Couples in Houston, TX Who Can Afford Wedding Dance Lessons

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DIY First Wedding Dance Lessons

1st dance wedding dance1Dance studios are open for people of all ages. Toddlers, teens, young adults and professionals, and even seniors can enroll to learn how to dance or to advance their dancing skills. It is fun to watch individuals of all ages dancing together in the dance floor.  It is great to learn dancing from other people, even from people who also don’t have any skills.

Couples who are thinking of presenting a first wedding dance at the reception usually enroll in these dance studios. Unfortunately, this is not for everyone especially for couples who do not have enough money to spend for a lot of things. Good thing you can still showcase a first wedding dance for your guests even without enrolling in dance studios.

Taking 1st dance wedding dance lessons in Houston, TX can be fun though not really fun if there isn’t enough funds to spend for both of you. Here are some tips for couples who can’t afford to get to the dance studio for their first wedding dance class.

First is to find a song for your wedding dance. The song is critical as the movements and the steps usually depend from its beats and rhythms. The important element of a wedding dance song is that it’s danceable. Additionally, the song is appropriate for the event. Maybe you want to dance together to a mainstream song, but if the lyrics have cursing and yelling, then it might not be appropriate for your wedding. Common songs for first wedding dances are classical and romantic in theme.

Second is to learn the basic dance positions, especially for a wedding. If you want to have a polished wedding dance, you should start from the basics. There should be a leader and a follower, and typically the leader is the male and the follower is the female. It matters who will be the leader and the follower as there are basic positions for each of you.

Third is the basic dance step. Now that you know what will be you dancing position, it is time to learn the basic dance steps. The easiest is the box step, as it is versatile and used in any song for weddings.

Fourth is to add some twists to your dance movements and steps. Spinning the bride or bending or dipping the bride is just two of the movements you can add to your wedding dance.

Lastly, when you don’t have any help because you can’t enroll for 1st dance wedding dance lessons in Houston, TX, it will help boost your confidence to have an elegant entrance in the dance floor. The entrance can certainly set the tone of your first wedding dance.

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