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How to Dress Properly During Swing Dance Classes in Houston, Texas and on Your Wedding Dance Number

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Proper Swing Dance Attire to Follow

Wedding Swing dance1If you have extra budget for a change of costume, then the better it would be. You are taking wedding swing classes in Houston, TX today because of your plan to make a big surprise. However, just imagine giving your all but all your dance movements are still restricted because of your long and fitted wedding dress. Unless you will be wearing a wedding dress that is also very appropriate for Swing dancing, then you will have to prepare another one for it. The first question is: how should you dress for your wedding swing dance?

  1. Loose clothes for comfort and maximum movement. When it comes to Swing dance, cotton skirts or dresses in medium length are the most common. It is usually knee length and is loose. One of the highlights of Swing dancing is also how the women emphasize the flowy swing movement of her skirt.
  2. Among the big no’s to wear when Swing dancing are keans, polyester, and wool. This will definitely make you feel hot. You need a dance dress that is comfortable and gives that breezy and flawless vibe in you.
  3. For security, cycling shorts or leotards are worn underneath by women. Since Swing will involve a series of fast dance flipping and spinning, it is unavoidable that you get to expose more skin up until your waist. Well, it is best to avoid this by wearing something more protective underneath your skirt. To prevent wardrobe malfunction before or after the wedding dance, make sure that your undergarments fit well and bring safety pins just in case.
  4. You must not also disregard your shoes. You have a Swing dance dress and it is only proper that you wear the right kind of shoes. It is best that you start wearing your dance shoes when you attend your wedding swing classes in Houston, TX. Dance shoes may look very similar to the usual women’s fashion shoes. You won’t know the difference until you get to wear one for a long period of time. You will notice that the heels of the dance shoes are made to make it more comfortable doing extensive movements.

It can be tricky to choose the right Salsa dance shoes. What’s important is that it should be not too tight and at the same time not too loose when there is a space for the feet to move in it. If you are on a budget, you can shop for your dance shoes online. Might as well get advice from your Salsa dance teacher which dance shoe brands are the best,

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