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Choosing Custom Marquise Bridal Rings

Are you looking to stand out in your wedding day, like venue, catering, dress and decor? If yes then wearing a ring that is unusual in terms of shape and style is perfect. According to statistics, traditional bride’s most favorite cut for their diamonds is round. If you want to deviate in this kind of style, choose marquise custom wedding bands San Diego.

Custom RingWhat makes a marquise cut diamond awesome is its versatility. By means of versatility, artisans are referring to its ability to break tradition at the same time look vintage. Unlike other shapes, it is versatile because it could be worked on with a more intricate type of setting. It is easy to manipulate marquise cut diamonds; you can make them finger flattering by positing them vertically. Vertically positioned diamonds will surely make your fingers look leaner and longer.  

According to experts, it is always best if you get a symmetrical shaped marquise diamond. To make sure that its pointed sides are well protected, the stone should be mounted with 6 prongs. For more marquis cut diamond option, here is a list that will serve as your guide:

Sporty brides: If your fiancée is sporty then choosing a bezel setting that is sleek is really perfect. This cut can easily match the lifestyle of a sporty bride because it is characterized with flat surface; it means that the engagement ring stores in San Diego will not be a snag when the person wearing it is in action.

Chic bride: If your bride wants to be effortlessly chic, wearing a marquise cut diamond paired with chevron band is the best way to attain the goal. According to artisans, this type of ring is simply a stand out.

Clean and simple bride: Simple types of aesthetics especially on diamonds are achieved through the help of tension setting. Artisans are using compression in order to hold the marquise stone in place. What’s best when wearing this type of ring is it feels like it floats midair due to the illusion of the compressor.

Extra sparkle bride: In order to create an illusion of a bigger diamond, you can always customize the marquise diamond with a halo. Halos are providing extra sparkle to the main stone thus the diamond looks extra special.

If you are tired of wearing traditional round diamonds, one of the many ways to break that tradition is to don marquise custom engagement rings in San Diego, CA. For more information, please talk to a local trusted jeweler, check here

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