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How to Save Money on Desserts and Meals Served by Houston, TX Cajun Food Wedding Catering

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Saving on Meals and Desserts

If there are two things that eat up most of the expenses for Cajun food wedding catering in Houston, TX, they are the desserts and main meals. A regular catering service is always serving at least three types of main courses and at least two or more types of desserts.

wedding cateringYour wedding catering meals and desserts do not need to be really expensive for as long as they are delicious and enjoyable. Here are the best tips recommended by previous couples to save on these two parts of wedding reception:

Avoiding sit down dinner: If you are to ask married couples, hosting a dinner reception is expensive since you are required to have a sit down format wherein the guests will be served with at least three to five courses including desserts plus glasses of branded wine. If your wallet could not handle this pressure, better avoid sit down dinner and go with appetizer reception.

Choose a venue that permits external caterers: Whether you admit it or not, outside caterers are much cheaper when it comes to food cost quotation. If your hotel or reception location provider allows for outside catering, better pick this choice.

Do not be deceived by buffet meal option: Most couples, in order to save cash, go with buffet meals. According to professional catereing Cajun restaurant Houston, this option will only make you spend more cash as compared to plated meals. In plated meals, you can control how much the guests can eat. Before you sign up for a buffet meal, make sure to weigh in the prices.

Try stations and family style catering: If you want a better option other than buffet, food station will do. This is a modern style of catering wherein the guests can visit different stations like pasta, taco, southern cooking and etc. On the other hand, family style is also effective if the number of guests is not too many. Most of the meals are passed from one table to another thus encouraging socialization.

Always have a display cake: For the case of skimping on the desserts, the very first thing to do is display a simple cake. Although your cake is simple, please avoid displaying the cliché two tiered cake. You can also make use of large sheet cake to create an impression.

Serve cake alternatives: Desserts by Cajun food wedding catering in Houston, TX can be availed in different forms. One of the affordable options is to get rid of the cake and replace it with wedding cupcakes. With your creativity, you can come up with a $100 tiered wedding cupcake as a centerpiece.

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