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Finding a Planner the Right Way

Finding an adequate wedding planner is going to be a real hurdle for you. Let’s consider that there are many wedding planners in Atlanta GA to choose from and among many of them you may find the right one but are you quite sure on how to go about finding that person that can do wonders on your wedding including choosing a caterer for the food. You may already know what to look out for, experience, references, and you may have already discussed with your fiancé on the budget you are about to share with the planner which is good, let’s talk more about the things you should look out for when hiring wedding planners from Atlanta GA.

Wedding PlannerLet’s talk about rates, wedding planners charge by the hour but there are some that have a fixed service rate which includes the full package. If they are working on a fixed rate make sure you ask them on what exactly is included in their service, a written contract detailing all the tasks they will be taking care of will help out a lot in the future as reference in case there was a service you were not happy with. Again, having a signed contract will guarantee you what you are looking for in their services and it will also show off the professionalism of the planner.

Consult with your fiancé also with each step in the process if there is something your planner requires or mentions to you alone make sure you relay the information to your partner as well or vice versa.

Lastly, make sure you introduce your wedding planner to your family. The planner will be working closely with everyone related to the wedding and also when your planner knows the “VIPs” of the wedding they will be able to prioritize people better during the event.

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