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Newborn Photography Props in Houston, TX That You Need to Have

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Kinds of Props Used for a Newborn Photo Shoot

Nowadays, newborn photography in Houston, TX is a popular demand for parents. If you are planning to have a newborn photography, you need to have some props. The props don’t have to be grandiose and it is best that you keep it simple. The main subject is your newborn child so it is best to use classic colors, textures and tones for the props. Take note that newborn are tiny and delicate and they should be the focus of the photos and not the props that you will be using.

Professional PhotographerHere are some of the props that you can use for your newborn photography in Houston, TX:

Blankets – Throw pillows and blankets are safe for the kids since it is soft and the texture is not that rough. Choose colors that are comforting to the eyes. Make sure that you wash the blanket first before using. You can use various colors and sizes of blankets but make sure that the colors are coordinated. You can also scatter throw pillows around the newborn so that the photo will look more fun.

Bonnets – Bonnets are a great prop to be used for a newborn photography in Houston, TX. For boys, you can use a cut hat and for girls, a beautiful tieback will do. Make sure that you choose bonnets that are stretchy and soft so that you will not harm the baby’s head. The heat of a newborn is extremely soft so you need to be very careful in choosing the right bonnet that you will be using.

Soft Rugs – You can place the newborn in a soft and comfortable rug while taking the photo. The rugs will add texture to the image. You can choose whatever color of rug that you want but make sure that the material is soft and it is hypoallergenic. Newborn are sensitive so you need to be extra cautious of the material that the rug is made of.

See to it that you are wary when choosing props like food since there are items that may include lead paint that is harmful to the newborn. Make sure that the newborn is comfortable and safe at all times while you are taking the photos. has a lot of photos that can be use as guide.

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