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Prepare a Wedding Playlist in Houston, TX for the Kids to Dance Along

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Kids Wedding Dance Playlist

Who do you want to see dancing in the dance floor at your wedding reception? Probably the person that comes to your mind is your mother, father, siblings, uncles, aunts, best friend, and your boss, actually everyone. Well who would be happy to find the dance floor empty when the DJ is playing your favorite pop, rock and dance songs? If there is someone who would hit the dance floor first and groove the beat of the DJ’s music, most of the guests will follow.

Kids DanceWhen your uncles, aunts, cousins and friends are in the dance floor, you will find a few seats that are occupied. You will either find some elderly who are exhausted of dancing for hours or the little kids who were left by their parents to dance with other guests. It seems unfair for the kids that their parents are enjoying whilst they are waiting if it is time to go home. Don’t you think it is entertaining to watch kids wedding dance in Houston, TX?

Kids, toddlers or in their preteens, are fun to watch when they dance to their favorite songs. It wouldn’t be a great wedding celebration if some of your young guests aren’t enjoying like everyone else, so why not think of a playlist where the kids can join along to the dancing. This is not, of course, an option for couples who want a ‘kid-free wedding’.

It is suggested that every wedding reception should have a kid-friendly playlist prepared and played, at least once in awhile. When the kids played a part as your ring bearers and flower girls, and some as your readers or ushers and usherettes, they deserve to dance along to the beats they love. What do you think are the best songs to play at the wedding reception that the kids will love to dance along?

Disney songs are all-time favorites, like ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen, but of course it does not sound like a cool song to play in a wedding so narrow down your choices. Songs from Justin Bieber are also favorites by some kids. Choose the songs that are relevant to the occasion but upbeat that can entice the kids to dance. ‘Hakuna Matata’ from the movie The Lion King is a good choice too. The little girls love the theme song from the Little Mermaid ‘Part of His World’.

If it is your kids, you know exactly what they like and what songs can make them dance. For the other kids at the wedding, ask their parents. Surprise everyone to watch kids wedding dance in Houston, TX and they will surely be entertained.

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