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Purchase Guide for Discount Loose Diamonds for Wedding in Houston, TX

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How to Purchase a Loose Diamond

So you are done choosing your wedding catering, venues and planners it is about time to choose loose diamond for your wedding. The trend of getting discount loose diamonds for wedding in Houston, TX, has been increasing lately. As a response to this kind of trend, here is a guide that you should follow:

diamondCarat weight

If there is a very important factor when purchasing a loose diamond, it is the carat weight. According to experts, this is of utmost importance because it defines the size of the diamond that you are about to purchase. You need to ask the expectations of your fiancee? Will she be expecting 3 or 0.5 carat diamond?

In order not to disappoint your bride to be, please make sure that you consult ahead of time. If you do not want to reveal the surprise to her, please do a thorough research. You can start by spying on her jewelry box. You can also ask her best friend or mom.

Loose diamond shape

What is the shape that she is expecting or prefers? Shape is usually associated to aesthetics, so it is an important factor to consider especially if your fiancee is style sensitive. For this case, you need to really observe her preference. According to experts, there is no exact measurement when it comes to shape. Your only basis is her own style, nothing more.

Loose diamond’s common shape

Of all the diamond shapes, round ones are really timeless. These classics are easy to fall in love with. But if you purchased a wrong shape, you can always return the diamond. Always check if the store has a 30 day return policy.

If you are cutting down on the cost, you can always divert from the round ones. Fancy loose diamonds are really cheap, so you might want to check them as well.

Diamond certification

Like the usual diamonds, loose ones also come with grading certificate. It does not mean that the diamond looks pretty it is already a potential buy. Sometimes, you also need to check its certification. Do not deal with jewelers who could not provide the item’s certification. As much as possible, the certification should come from GIA or AGS.

Based from the advice of most customers, getting round diamonds with ideal or excellent grade is also already a good buy. For fancy loose diamonds, please try to get premium grading or you can simply disregard the cut grading.

Getting discount loose diamonds for wedding in Houston, TX, is like getting your other jewelry items. It needs thorough assessment, because at the end of the it is still a form of financial investment on your side.

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