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Serving Cookies as Treats at Your Wedding in Houston, TX

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Wedding Cookie Treats

Serving desserts is not just about passing around cake slices. You can be more creative rather than just sticking to the traditional style. By serving wedding cookies in Houston, TX, you are also reviving memories of your guests.

Serving all time favorite cookies from childhood will make them feel nostalgic. By tapping to their sentimental side, your guests will surely remember your wedding not only for the sweets but also for the good memories.

wedding cookiesAccording to wedding experts and other caterers, here are some of the cookies that you can’t miss serving at your reception:

Cocoa wedding cake: This cookie is a double treat to your guests. In a way, this is a cake and a cookies Houston. It has mini chips inside that your guests will surely love.

Linzer strips: These treats are different from the circular cookie treats. Its shape is distinguishable (elongated and rectangular) from the rest. To achieve the perfect taste, the dough should be refrigerated before you start baking.

Hazelnut cookies (Italian style): Its nutty, sweet and powerful burst will surely make your guests keep returning in the wedding cookie table. Not only that, Hazelnuts are also perfect agent to battle cancer.

Chocolate chunk treats: One of the most classy decadent cookies that you can offer your guests is the chocolate chunk cookies. It is mixed with chopped walnuts so you will surely enjoy every bite.

Macaroon fingers: You can store this almond macaroon fingers ahead of time to get the best result. According To nutritionist, each finger is only having 35 calories so your health conscious guests will no longer need to worry of acquiring too much calories that they need to burn.

Wedding cookies in Houston, TX will surely save you a lot of cash. Instead of preparing for a seven tier cake, you can go for variety of cookies instead. Cookie reception is perfect if you will be serving cocktails.

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