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Standard Rates of Upscale Wedding Venues in New York City

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Upscale Wedding Venue Rates

Upscale wedding venues in New York City are the best, but they are also the most expensive venues ever made. These wedding venues may have packages, but it is undeniable that their rates are above the standard scale of prices. Couples however invest on the wedding venue because it provides a great ambiance and a magnificent experience. The rates of upscale wedding venues in New York City may vary, but they do not veer away from each other.

These rates also include taxes which piles up to the additional charges. The good news is they would be able to have a good deal when it comes to negotiating the price once they consider the wedding packages. Having your own catering service will have a corkage charge and bringing your own wedding organizer and florist will also result to more additional charges. With these conditions, a practical step to take is to avail their wedding packages.

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The cheapest upscale wedding package you could have ranges from $230 per person plus 20% tax. The tax included is computed accordingly for the number of guests you are expecting. This package however is only available for wedding with not more than 80 guests. This does not include the additional liquor drinks or the invitations and giveaways. This only comprises the place, decorations, flowers and sound system. With this deal, it is not too heavy for the couple considering the upscale affordable wedding venues in NYC they have chosen.

The other packages range from $320 to $500 per person with 20% tax. It includes the place, drinks, wedding cake,etc. but not the flowers, decorations, invitation, give away and other wedding needs. The prices go high up annually depending on the season you will book your wedding. If you have over  hundred guests, you are given the alternative to rent the place separately. These venues do not go as low as $10 000, but you are given a great deal since you could have the best privacy in this upscale venue you have chosen.

Upscale venues in NYC NY are popular around the world since a lot of Hollywood stars have preferred being in this place for their special occasions that is why prices are not cheap in this setting. Even though the prices are high, the experience that you are going to have is incomparable than in any other venues.

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