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Steps on How to Find the Perfect Wedding Catering in Albuquerque, NM

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Finding the Best Catering in Town

After the most anticipated exchange of ‘I DOs”, what’s next? Of course, the reception. Since holidays became a season of love too, wedding catering in Albuquerque, NM became busy too. Left and right, there are wedding bells ringing. Before concluding whose catering service you will hire, here are steps in choosing the right wedding catering in Albuquerque, NM.


Gather suggestions and recommendations.

Ask from your trusted kin and friends. They will surely give you the best they know. If you have attended a prior wedding or party in which you think that the catering is great, you can ask directly the catering service.

Ask for their list of menus.

Consider the type of meals and cuisines they offer if it suites your taste and the motif of your wedding. ask also if you can personalize some of the dishes.

Schedule for food tasting.

Make sure to taste all the food that is included in the menu list that they will serve. During food tasting, you can include or exclude dishes that you think is great and you think should not be included in the wedding reception.

Ask for the kind of accommodation.

Ask what kind of events they cater. There are catering Albuquerque services that can cater large-scale services, others can only cater small time parties such as cocktail or birthday parties. Make sure to consider if they can accommodate the number of guests invited.

Ask for the services you need.

There are different services given by catering services based on the services you need. Make sure to specify what you need, from reception designs, to food and beverages so that no detail is neglected and all is well dealt with.

Ask for the price.

Budget spent on food is almost half of the wedding budget so make sure to ask for a quotation of all the expenses by your wedding caterer, including their labor. Make sure that the price is right and has a room in your wedding budget.

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