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The Perfect Wedding Venue

wedding venueWedding venues in Columbus OH can be a bit tricky to find. Especially if you don’t really have any close family or friends that have a full on wedding planning experience. Here are some tips that could help you choose from different wedding venues in Columbus OH.

Have Enough Space
It may sound so obvious but some people tend to overlook this aspect. You need to make sure that the space for your wedding venue will be enough to fit all of your guests. From experience, once you find a place and think it’s roomy, you’d be surprise that it seems cramped after you add all the tables, chairs and other decorations. You don’t want you guests to be squeezing in to get to their tables. So keep this in mind when you look for a wedding venue.

Lay Out Your Areas
You need to segregate your party areas. Have a place for drinking, eating and dancing or partying. When you are looking at different venues, try to imagine how the party will look. Try to envision where you will be placing the smoking area the dance floor and all the other important things like the buffet table. The last thing you want is having people walk across the dance floor and battle through people dancing in order to reach the buffet table.

A Good View
Think about the first thing your guests will see once they walk into the room. Whether it’s a view of the mountain side or a view of a nice white sand beach, think about what would be presentable to your guests. Now not all of us have the luxury of booking a wedding venue with an awesome view and that is okay. You can compensate by setting good decorations if you can’t get a nice view go for nice floral arrangements for example like the venues listed in

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