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Tired of Cake? Try Delicious Pecan Pie for Your Wedding Desserts

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Try Pecan Pie As Wedding Dessert For A Change

Wedding guests will always look forward to the dessert of the menu that you have prepared for them. It is a big disappointment if you don’t have something sweet on your list. Usually, cake is a very common choice to be served after relishing the main dish. But don’t you know that you can also serve pie as your wedding dessert? Yes, you did not read it wrong—delicious pecan pies houston desserts for wedding in particular.

But why pecan pie of all the desserts? Why not tarts, cookies and candies? Well, pecan pie has more health benefits as compared to those other types of desserts. When it comes to medical benefits, pecan as a form of dessert is rich in multivitamins like A, B, E, calcium, folic acid, potassium, zinc and many more. Pecan nuts have the ability to lower down the cholesterol level of a certain person. This could be a good choice especially if your guests are mostly seniors, not just for seniors but also for everyone.

Pecan pie is also good for health conscious guests because it only contains the minimum of 200 calorie count per slice. One slice of pecan pie will not really hurt your diet plus you get all the vitamins that you need. It is a nut wonder that you will surely benefit that you aren’t aware of.

In America alone, there are 50 million pies being sold every year. It simply means that it is the most favorite dessert of most Americans along with cake, tarts, cookies and others. If you plan to prepare pies for your own wedding, you need to commission your caterer ahead of time as this is not the usual choice. The usual choice for a dessert is a customized wedding cake. You need to tell them so that they can prepare and look for the necessary ingredients.

Time to get rid of those over sugary cake that will ruin your diet! You can go healthy with delicious pecan pie desserts for wedding; your guests will surely enjoy all of its benefits. There so many types of pecan pie out there so make sure you take advantage of the list. Choosing unusual wedding dessert is like choosing a perfect wedding venue. So choose only the best.

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