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Top 4 Must Have Trendy Bridal Rings

If you want to be up to date with style, there are so many ways you can gain information. The first thing that you should do is check bridal magazine’s accessory section or you simply visit the stores of engagement rings in NYC, NY. Among the two choices, it is much better to visit the shop personally so you can get a professional advice from the jeweler or the designer.

Here are the top 4 rings which you should try if you want to become trendy:

Vintage with a modern twist

One cannot do away with the vintage style. To make it trendier, there will be some twist. Usually, these types of rings are exquisite, intricate and classic. It provides the person wearing it a charm that could never be seen in other types of rings.

wedding ringHalo with round diamond

Halo is a traditional ring, but you can add some variation, like getting it shaped like a cushion. Cushion shaped rings are usually set with center diamond which is round in terms of cut. Round diamonds are known to have maximum or perfect brilliance. The classic shape provides a trendy look.

Eternity bands

If you want to be symbolic then you could always go for eternity bands. These types of rings are not that big, like the traditional ones, but it holds meaning that no other type of rings could match, additional info here.


If you want to be fancy like Iggy Azalea’s hit song, getting fancy colored diamonds is a perfect choice. Like diamonds with perfect brilliance, fancy colored diamonds are also very rare. This will serve well for women who wanted to be different. Rings with fancy color are very distinctive so it is easy to fall in love.

The above trendy rings are one of the many engagement rings in NYC, NY which you can find in the market nowadays. Celebrate your wedding moment with the meaningful and trendy ring plus a great dinner to make your wedding perfect.

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