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Wedding Checklist When You Book Beach Venues In Clearwater, FL

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Ultimate Checklist for a Beach Wedding

While there are a number of couples that would want to tie the knot in indoor venues, there are others who have penchant with outdoors destinations. Among the most well sought wedding venues here in Clearwater, FL are the beach resorts. When it comes to beach side areas, you will have plenty of options in Clearwater front privately owned beaches to public resorts.

Make sure to check permits

If you plan to book a wedding in the beach, make sure to always check permits especially when the area is public. Beach weddings will occupy a huge part of the sand area so make sure that you obtain a permit. The last thing you want is not informing the authorities that you will hold your wedding.

Before booking the area, there is the need to ask the owner of the venue if small or big weddings need to secure permit to use the sand area. Other things that you need to know are the costs of the permit, area covered by the permit, maximum number of people covered by the permit and etc.

Logistics of the ceremony

When you hold a wedding in the beach, the last thing you want to see are pedestrians passing by. Aside from worrying about the pedestrians, check if there are other events in the nearby location. Sometimes, you cannot focus with your event if there are other public events, cleaning activities, construction and etc.

Parking area

If you have some guests that will drive all the day to your venue, make sure that you provide them a parking area. Most beach areas here in Clearwater may have limited parking areas if you have many guests. However, it is best to book a certain parking area ahead of time so that your guests will no longer be inconvenienced when it comes to looking for a vacant space.

Know the restrictions You definitely have a desire to know more about this subject. This topic is covered by a massive number of online articles. Nonetheless, the sources for quality information are few. Visit to enhance your knowledge about this topic.

If you are going to make use of public beach areas, know the rules ahead. Most of the time, there are always stringent rules related to the beachside environment. In a wedding, you are going to use a lot of materials like faux flowers, confetti, streamers, glass, plastic and many more. Throwing those materials and leaving them lying in the sand area is heavily not allowed. Make sure that you have a cleaning group right after the event in the venue is finished.

Study the weather and tide pattern

If there is one thing that you need to watch out for, it is the weather. Weddings are usually ruined when the rain comes so make sure that you have plan A and B. Aside from that, know the tide pattern in the area so that you can schedule your event during low tide where the stretch of the sand area is extensive. You cannot make use of the sand area if it is high tide.

So, if you are ready to experience sand in between your toes, go ahead and book beach wedding venues. If you need recommendations for the beach wedding resorts here in Clearwater, FL, do not hesitate to ask your planners as they are knowledgeable about the best locations to hold your beach reception.

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