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Wedding Cupcakes in Houston TX & How to Display Them

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Gorgeously Display Wedding Cupcakes

wedding cupcakesCupcakes are fun and exciting sweet treats to make, especially for weddings. It is not a surprise that even when there is a three-tier wedding cake, couples would offer wedding cupcakes to their guests. Sometimes, where there are cupcakes on display, these sweet treats are neglected and would wait for a slice of the wedding cake instead. There are many reasons for this issue, but probably one reason this happens is how the cupcakes are displayed.

You have probably attended many weddings and have seen how their ordered wedding cupcakes in Houston TX are displayed in the venue. You too can have your wedding cupcakes displayed in different ways to attract your guests and munch in these sweet treats.

The Easiest – Cake Stand
Place your cute and colorful wedding cupcakes on a normal cake stand. Transform a normal cake stand into a striking one by decorating it with ribbons or adding some flowers around it. This will attract your guests to have gourmet cupcakes Houston first before the wedding cake is sliced.

Layer It – Tiered Cake Stand
Displaying the cupcakes in tiered style is a favorite of many. It stands out from the rest of the display in the table, especially when the cupcakes are beautifully decorated. A tiered cupcake stand comes in different styles and designs. If you could find one that matches your wedding motif, it would be perfect. Also, if your cupcakes are not that intricately decorated, your stand or how your display the cupcakes will make up.

The Dedicated – Tiered Cupcake Stand
Due to the popularity of cupcakes in parties, tiered cupcake stands are made. The popular dedicated cupcake stand is made from wire. It looks chic, especially when the cupcakes are already displayed. You can also make it as a centerpiece for every table, so the guests can just grab a sweet treat.

Check out different bakeries or cake shops on how they display their wedding cupcakes in Houston TX. You might just find gorgeous stands that come in vast range of sizes to cater your homemade wedding cupcakes.

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