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Your Wedding Tango Dance Lessons in Houston, TX and How to Get Comfortable with It

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Loosen Up Yourself During Your Tango Dance Class

Wedding Tango1There is no shortcut to learning a new skill. Especially if your dancing is what you are planning to improve, time, effort, and dedication are what you need to be the best dancer you could ever be. If you want to do something for your wedding with a Tango number as your first dance, then there is still a lot for you to do. Firs on the list is to get comfortable with the dance and it all start the moment you take wedding Tango dance classes in Houston, TX.

You will have to begin with mastering the basic Tango steps. Do the basics the way it should be done and you will be more than ready to learn complex Tango moves. Dancing is just like Math. You will find it hard to understand Algebra if you are not that good in basic arithmetics. Mastering the basic Tango steps will serve as your foundation to learning not only this kind of dance but also other social ballroom dances.

Next thing to do is to get familiar with Tango music. Tango is a couple or partner dance that is full of feelings. It involves expressing the feeling of the man and woman partnered and dancing together in rhythm. For sure, listening to songs used for Tango dances is enough to make you feel like dancing. Best if you could start with classic Tango songs but you can also try modern songs or new renditions of classic songs that can also be used for Tango.

Most of all, you will need a lot of time to practice with your partner. Tango involves close contact with your dance partner. Embracing and being in each other’s arms from start to finish is one of the main points of Tango dancing. Although it is just a simple embrace position, both dancer mirror each other that the position is almost sensual but never loses its poise. For this, it is also essential that you perfect the Tango dance posture. You would not want it to have just one of you to carry all your weight when you are dancing.

If you have mastered the basics during your wedding Tango dance classes in Houston, TX, don’t hesitate to level it up and try complex Tango steps. It might involve progressive rocks, corté, swivels and turns, and other flares to make your wedding first dance more exciting to watch.

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