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What to Expect in Your Pre-Wedding Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Houston, TX

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Laser Hair Removal Treatment Expectation

Aside from wedding venue and catering service another thing that you need to focus is the overall look. Is it your first time to use laser hair removal before wedding in Houston, TX? If yes then everything must be new to you. This treatment may elicit different types of reaction from soon to be brides; some are extremely excited while others are scared due to the horror stories they have heard about laser hair removal.

Laser Hair RemovalIf your doctor is a certified dermatologist then you have nothing to worry about. Well, there are so many things that may happen to you while the treatment is going on, but worry not because it will only last for 15 minutes or so. And voila, you are done with the treatment.

Pre-treatment phase

Before the treatment has started, your hair will be trimmed using scissors. In order to protect your eyes from the machine’s laser beams, you will be given goggles to wear. To tone down the pain that you are about to experience, the doctor will apply topical anesthetic to the skin; it will reduce discomfort as the process pushes through,

Treatment phase

During the treatment procedure, the dermatologist will be pressing the instrument on your skin. While the laser is working on, a cooling device is also at bay to protect your skin. When the doctor works the laser device into your skin, you feel intense heat that will deactivate the follicle in your skin. At the same time, you can feel cooling sensation as the cooling machine also do its wonders. Areas which are smaller like the upper lip will just takes minutes to treat. On the other hand, larges areas will take 30 minutes or even more than an hour.

Post treatment phase

If you will look at your skin after the treatment, swelling and redness will be defined. It will be more pronounced after a few hours, but it is normal since you just had a laser hair removal treatment. The reduction of discomfort is started through applying ice in the affected area. The doctor will also determine if you are having abnormal skin reaction right after the treatment; if so, he will apply steroid cream. If not, then you are off to go.

Once you have undergone the laser treatment, you are advised not to expose your skin to the sun light, even if it is natural light or a tanning machine. After the redness or swelling has disappeared, you are to use sun block lotion when going out. This is super important so you shouldn’t forget.

One of the most natural effects of the treatment is the hair shedding. Most of the time, women are mistaking it to hair regrowth but it isn’t. If you follow the advice of your doctor, you can easily success in your attempt of laser hair removal before wedding in Houston, TX.  

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